Tanker trucks water delivery

Water tank rental

Big fleet of tanker trucks to make your projects happen

Best in the water transportation industry

  • Lots of trucks and and trailers;
  • Small tanker truck for inaccessible places (with a telescopic mast);
  • Tanker truck with a watering capacity of 500 feet around;
  • All equipped service vehicles that can go install the hoses at the client’s house before the arrival of the tanker trucks to fasten the service up at peak times;
  • Sterilized tank to hold drinking water.

Our tanker trucks have tanks of :

  • Tanks of 2000 liters
  • Tanks of 3800 liters
  • Tanks of 5000 liters
  • Tanks of 12000 liters
  • Tanks of 30000 liters
  • Tankss of 38000 liters
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