Bulk drinking water transport
food networks and industries

Bulk drinking water transport food networks and industries


Residential water transportation | L'Eau-Thentique transport


Benefit from a fast and courteous service!

  • Filling of surface or artesian wells
  • Pool & spa filling
  • Water body filling
  • Watering of all kinds
Did you know that you can have your pool filled with hot water reaching a temperature of 85 degrees? Don't wait any longer to enjoy your pool! Service available 12 months a year!
Municipal water transportation | L'Eau-Thentique transport


In collaboration with several cities and municipalities in Quebec and Ontario, L’Eau-Thentique Transport Inc. transport makes it a point to offer you fast and reliable service.

Water damage is a common problem, as is the contamination of drinking water. L’Eau-Thentique Transport Inc. transport offers you in a short time, a team specialized in this kind of intervention.

  • Filling of drinking water supply
  • Lawn/floral park watering
  • Anti-dust irrigation
  • Cleaning park & play air
  • Equipment rental & tanker
  • Continuous supply
Emergency response plan & memorandum of understanding
Institutional water transportation | L'Eau-Thentique transport


Institutional institutions, such as hospitals, housing centres or prison centres, require a continuous supply of water. A broken water main or a contaminated network can quickly change your reality and your services! Trust our experts!

  • Drinking water supply
  • Continuous supply
  • Tank & pump rental
Emergency response plan & memorandum of understanding
Commercial water transportation | L'Eau-Thentique transport


Presenting several possible areas of intervention in the commercial sector, L’Eau-Thentique Transport Inc. transport's will establish for you solutions that meet your needs.

  • Equipment rental & tank
  • Continuous supply of your building
  • No loss of production
  • Tank or pipe leak test
  • Overpressure pump available
  • Temporary supply of sprinkler system (pressure required)
Emergency response plan & memorandum of understanding
Industrial water transportation | L'Eau-Thentique transport


In the industrial sector, access to additional potable water reserves can save significant costs and speed up the installation of new facilities. L’Eau-Thentique Transport Inc. is at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

We are the specialists in this field!

  • Water reserve for pressure testing in specialized industries
  • Management of drinking water reserves for road stops
  • Water reserve for hydro-invoicing
  • Equipment rental & tanks
Emergency response plan & memorandum of understanding
Agriculture water transportation | L'Eau-Thentique transport


The agricultural industry depends on the supply of drinking water in the event of a shortage. A lack of water is devastating for producing farms.

Call for L’Eau-Thentique Transport Inc.!

  • Filling of surface wells
  • Filling of animal reserves
  • Equipment rental & tanker
  • Arrowing